10 tips to find the right online casino

24/7 access to all of the casino games you could possibly desire – with live dealers who won’t know you are sat at the roulette table on your toilet. 

There’s plenty of choice out there too. How can you quickly get rid of all the casinos that don’t suit you?

We’ll give you some ways to filter your search so you can find your next favourite online casino as quickly and effectively as possible.

1. Make sure the casino is available to you

Does the casino let players register from your country?

Does it offer a language you understand?

This is the bare minimum that a casino must offer to you. 

2. What games will you be able to play?

Most casinos will have poker, roulette, blackjack and other table games, because the technology is cheap to purchase and operate.

However, what about the availibility of live dealers? Even if you don’t plan on using them right away, it can offer a fun change once in a while. 

The more games, the better. You might just stumble across your new favourite. 

3. How many different game developers are on offer?

If you already have your favourite slot game or game developer, it would be wise to make sure your next casino offers this.

Adding game developers to an online casino is not cheap – having many different game developers shows that they are an established casino with no intentions of closing up anytime soon. 

Be wary of online casinos who only have 1 or 2 game developers – if they aren’t willing to invest in new games for their players, they probably don’t have your best interests in mind.

4. How does the welcome offer work?

If you’d like to turn £/$/€100 into 300, you should specifically look for 200% deposit match bonus casinos

How about Free spins? They won’t be worth much and you will usually still have to deposit some money, but who doesn’t like a free spin?

No wagering welcome offers let you withdraw your winnings without gambling for hours. These types of bonuses are becoming increasingly popular because of their transparency and flexibility. 

All welcome offers are different – and all welcome offers are designed to be attractive. Make sure you aren’t dazzled by a welcome offer that doesn’t suit you perfectly, because your perfect welcome offer is out there. 

5. Make sure that you can use your preferred depositing and withdrawal method

If you use your debit card to deposit at online casinos, 99% of the offers will be available to you.

However, alot of players use e-wallets in their everyday lives. Alot of these e-wallets are offered at online casinos too. There are too many to list, so please visit our payment methods page to see all of the different e-wallets that you can deposit and withdraw with. 

6. Is the casino available on your device?

iOS, Android, Mac, laptop… We all play our games differently and if your way of playing isn’t supported by your casino, you’ll have no choice but to find a new one. 

Additionally, make sure it is responsive and correctly laid out on your favourite device.

If they offer an app for your phone or device, make sure it is being updated frequently. 

7. How can you contact the casino if you have any issues?

Does the casino offer live chat, or will you need to wait a few days for a reply to your email?

Some casinos have a phone number to call, or will offer to call you back. If it seems difficult to contact them, perhaps that tells you that they do not want their players to contact them!

8. Check how the withdrawal method works

Are there any fees when you withdraw?

What about when you withdraw using your preferred payment method?

How long with the withdrawal be pending for? 

Is there a maximum win limit? Payments will be staggered, leaving you unable to take your money away – but you will still be able to gamble with it. You might lose it all before it can be withdrawn – which is exactly what the casino wants!

9. Read some player reviews of the casino

There are plenty of forums and websites with independent reviews made by real players who can give you honest insights into how good or bad a casino is.

Just remember – alot of people will complain about bad experiences, but rarely praise good ones.

If alot of reviews talk about the same points, trust those collective judgements over one person telling you the casino is perfect or dreadful. 

10. I know it's boring, but... CHECK THE T&CS!

We try and do this for you here, but terms and conditions change. We can’t check the terms and conditions everyday, and we aren’t always notified when changes are made.

It is seriously worth getting used to understanding and reading terms and conditions for yourself. 

Hopefully you are left with your new favourite casino!

There are areas where you should be flexible if you are not left with many casinos – but really, you should only be willing to sign up using a different welcome offer. 

If you use all of these techniques to find your next casino, you will have the confidence to truly enjoy yourself.

Now, it’s just you against the odds!

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