How to Gamble Responsibly

At, we advocate nothing but responsible gambling. 

Becoming addicted to gambling has serious implications.

It’s one of the easiest ways to lose all material possessions whilst also putting a huge strain on your relationships with friends and family.

When this website began, we had a clear goal: to stop players signing up to casinos who didn’t have their best interests in mind.

However, what our goal doesn’t include is stopping gambling addiction. As a middle man between a player searching for a casino and the casino itself, we have a reponsibility to remind players of the dark side of gambling.

How can gambling be enjoyed responsibly?

Never forget, gambling is supposed to be fun for people who can afford to lose what they are playing with. With this in mind, let’s go through a few ground rules that are worth sticking to:

1. Never chase your losses

Chasing your losses is how the spiral into problem gambling begins. 

If you have lost the money you had deposited, call it a day. 

There is no fun or enjoyment when you are nervously hoping to make your money back.

To put yourself in a better position next time, fully research the game you were playing – or find a new one! 

2. Never borrow money to fund gambling

Borrowing money from friends and family so you can deposit money into a casino can turn particularly nasty very quickly.

Would you be able to pay them back if you lost their money?

Would you have to lie about what the money is for?

Would you lose their trust if they found out what the money was for, or if you cannot pay them back?

Borrowing money from friends and family can destroy the relationship you have with them.


What about borrowing money from payday loan sites or from a bank?

The spiral of debt can be even larger if you have to pay interest on your loan. 

You will have no choice but to win with loaned money – the stakes will be much higher and your debt can very quickly climb to unmanagable levels.

3. Have a clear budget, and stick to it

As someone over the age of 18, you probably will have experience in budgeting your money. 

You might have rent or a mortgage to pay. 

We all enjoy eating at restaurants, and it is worth budgeting some money for eating out every month. 

We all have bills to pay, for water, internet and energy for the homes we live in.

For all of our activities in a month, you have to remain inside your budget. 

You cannot expect to make profit from your mortgage, eating at a restaurant or paying for your bills. 

Gambling is no different: expect to lose the money you spend at a casino.

4. Focus on enjoying yourself, socialising and taking regular breaks

Does your online casino have a chat function? Reaching out to people in chat rooms and forums is a great way of enjoying yourself and saving money. 

You can find yourself talking to people, making friends and not spending anything. 

Quite often the social aspect of gambling is the most enjoyable part of it! You can find that you have spent the last 10 or 15 minutes just chatting, forgetting to gamble anything. 

Taking breaks is incredibly important – our emotions sometimes get the better of us, and we can make bad mistakes when we are emotional. 

After losing your deposit at a casino, take a break. It’s game over, go and do something else! 

5. Stay away from gambling when you are intoxicated

We all make questionable decisions when we are intoxicated – and we are much worse at gambling when we aren’t sober. 

There is a very good reason why physcial casinos offer free (or heavily discounted) alcohol to their visitors: you’ll make poorer decisions whilst under the influence. 

6. And finally... Plan to lose

This isn’t pessimism, it’s realism. 

Casinos don’t operate by allowing players to win, all games are setup with a win rate lower than 100%.

The longer you play, the more likely you are to lose. 

If you deposit money at a casino, wave it goodbye. You shouldn’t expect to see it again, but there is always hope. 

That’s the thrill of gambling – knowing the odds are stacked against you, but hoping to come out on top regardless. 

What do casinos do to stop gambling becoming addictive?

You might imagine casinos encourage gambling addicts – surely that’s who they earn the most money from. 

Reputable casinos have a few methods of limiting problem gambling, but it is still up to the player to stop. 

let’s go through some ways you and your casino can keep your gambling safe and fun. 

1. Self-limitation

You can set a limit to how much you can deposit per month or put a cap on your losses. The casino usually let’s you know about these limits when you first sign up, which let’s you set it for all future gambling sessions. 

There are also time limits a player is able to set – you are able to stop yourself gambling for more than 1 hour for example, and you are also able to effectively ban yourself from playing at a specific casino too. Let’s explore that last option further…

2. Self-exclusion

If gambling is becoming too much of an issue at a particular casino, you can ask them to self-exclude you. If you want to play at that casino again, you’ll need to contact them to request your account is reopened, because it won’t be reopened automatically. 

The casino is legally bound to do what is necessary to return your funds to you and block access to your account. This could be for a few days, weeks or months. 

With both of these options casinos give to players, it is still up to the player to make the right decision. As players must be atleast over the age of 18 to gamble, (older in some jurisdictions) they are expected to make these choices for themselves. 

Do casinos actively seek out problem gamblers, or do they leave it up to the player to admit they have a problem?

3. Reputable casinos will contact players who are on losing streaks

The support teams at casinos are not just there to receive questions and answer live chats. 

They have all of the player data accessible to them, so they can identify habits and consistencies. 

Usually this is so they can identify how to reward players, with perks that suit how they play. 

However, honest and reputable casinos will also use this data to reach out to players who have lost badly or are spending much more time gambling. 

This applies to new players and old players – they are easily able to see how a problem is developing with players who have months of data, but new players are also contacted to make sure they can afford what they are losing.

This highlights the importance of playing at a casino who cares about you – not one who is happy to stand by and watch as you develop a gambling problem whilst handing over your hard earned money to them. 

Responsible Gambling Organisations

Players have plenty of allies against the threat of problem gambling. There are several organisations that deal with the prevention and treatment of gambling related issues. 

We’ll give you the details of some of the most important companies who can all be contacted if you sense your gambling habits becoming a problem.


Gamcare provide support, adive, information and free counselling for players who need assistance in the prevention and treatment of problem gambling. 

Gamcare’s official website


GambleAware offer a 24/7 live chat and helpline that offers a similar service to GamCare. They use charitable donations to provide top quality problem gambling prevention and treatments.

GambleAware’s official website 


Practically identical to GambleAware (with the same phone number for their help line) BeGambleAware also offers confidential support to those with gambling issues or those trying to get help for at risk friends or family. 

BeGambleAware’s official website

Gamblers Anonymous

Think of alcoholics anonymous and drug addicts anonymous – this is a way of sharing your stories with people who have similar experiences in the world of gambling. Having a support network of people who understand what you are going through might help you treat your problems more effectively than speaking to a counsellor or somebody who doesn’t share your problems. 

Gamblers Anonymous’ official website

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is a free online service which is designed to help, advise and support players suffering from problem gambling. 

Gambling Therapy’s official website

You are not alone in the fight against gambling addiction

There are so many options for problem gamblers to kick their bad habits – the hardest step is admitting that there is a problem.

Use any of the websites listed above if you feel more comfortable asking for help privately and confidentially.

Friends and family can also be incredibly useful, if they can be relied on for support. 

The casinos themselves can also help you out, with self-limitations and self-exclusions. Their support teams are trained to deal with both winning players and losing players. 

Lastly, we would like to our part if you need a friend to help you. Use our Contact Us page if you need a friendly voice to help you on your way towards a healthier relationship with gambling.

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