Wagering requirements – a full debrief

What is wagering?

Wagering is the most popular term for a bet. The reason why we don’t say “no betting requirements” is because that sounds like there are no terms and conditions at all, which really isn’t the case. There are still plenty of “betting requirements”, even with no wagering requirement offers. 

Every time you stake money in any way at a casino, you are wagering. Putting £100 on red during a poker game is wagering, spending £10 on Starburst is wagering, betting £50 on a live casino game is wagering. Get it? All kind of gambling at an online casino is wagering. 

The amount you are wagering is the sum of the bet you’ve placed. If you place ten £1 spins on your favourite slot game, you have wagered £10. This should sound simple, but wagering requirements are about to get complicated – until you’re used to them.

Wagering requirements - a full debrief

99% of casino bonuses will come with wagering requirements. It is so important to understand the wagering requirements of every offer that we talk about them on every page and mention them with every casino bonus. 

Wagering requirements are shown in multiples. The wagering requirement multiple represents how many times you need to wager your bonus, deposit, winnings or all three. 

Let’s use an example. We’ll start with wagering requirements just based on your bonus funds.

How will you encounter wagering requirements, then fulfill them?

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Deposit, bonus, winnings or all three - what your wagering requirements can apply to

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